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T8 Retrofit Conversion Kit


New Porduct

T8 LED Conversion Kit

Converts older 4-foot and 8-foot T8 or T12 strip light fixtures into energy efficient T8 light fixtures. Each kit includes T8 Bi-Pin Lamp Sockets, T8 Retrofit Bracket Socket Plates and Self-Tapping Screws.

  • Complies with UL Standard 1598B and 1598C.
  • Pre-wired conversion kit bracket; the installer only needs to complete the bracket installation and ballast lead terminations.
  • Pre-painted with smooth, glossy, highly reflective white paint.
  • Includes pre-drilled holes for installing Ballast Cover or Reflectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily retrofits existing T12 fluorescent light fixtures to energy efficient and high lumen output T8 light fixtures.
  • Suitable for use with all manufacturers’ T8 lamps.
  • Lowers maintenance costs due to less frequent T12 lamp replacement.
  • High efficiency T8 lamps use 40% fewer watts, produce 40% less heat, and output 10% more lumens when compared to older magnetic T12 light fixtures.
  • Building owners and facility managers can significantly increase their energy savings by:
    • Reducing your kWh consumption to 40% or more. More over they can reduce the demand (kW) charge, where applicable, which in many cases can account for 50% of the monthly electrical bill.
    • Reducing the HVAC costs by removing a significant amount of the excess heat generated by existing inefficient T12 fluorescent lighting.
    • Reduces the negative side effects of poor light quality. Worker productivity can increase 9-16% or more as the result of improved light quality.
  • P/Ns: 14070, 14071, 14076 and 14077 may be suitable for use with Linear LED Retrofit Lighting. These designated Retrofit Conversion Kits part numbers fitted with “non-shunted” lamp holders are suitable for use with linear LED engines (T8 shaped LED tubes) as long as the LED engine is classified per UL 1598C.

NOTE: FOR USE WITH INSTANT START BALLAST ONLY EXCEPT P/NS: 14070 14071, 14076 AND 14077! Accommodates fixture housing widths between 4.25″ and 5.0″. Energy consumption and savings will vary based on the hours per day, the number of operating days per year, the energy cost from your local service provider, and lamp cost.

  • See more at: http://www.engproducts.com/products/lighting/T5-and-T8-Retrofit-Conversion-Kits-1/T8-Retrofit-Conversion-Kits-1/T8-Retrofit-Conversion-Kits/#sthash.RO2qNxTg.dpuf

T8 Retrofit Conversion Kit – Installation Guide


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