Reason to use DC Optimizers on your rooftop solar system

18th Jun 2015

Installing solar panels on your roof is a significant long-term investment. You want to make sure your system has the quality and durability to be producing on your roof for at least 50 years!

Most companies that install rooftop solar panels offer a microinverter-based system. Microinverters are installed with every panel, and convert the energy right out of the panel from DC to AC. These systems are easier to install because of the plug-and-play capabilities. 

But, considering the time and money involved with having a solar system you want to make sure to get the most out of your investment. Using DC Optimizers are the tool that will help you do that. DC optimizers offer you the highest efficiency in energy generation (especially when there are shading issues) and also have a much higher durability than microinverters. 

At Infinitum Energy we install and recommend these product to our customers. We want to guarantee the highest return on investment for our customers. We carefully engineer your solar system to maximize your energy generation, durability and ROI!

See how a string-inverter system compares to a micro-inverter system and a DC Optimized system!